Apps for calculating BMI

This is an App to calculate the body mass index (BMI) in English (BMI Calculator) is a reduced version of the app for calculating diets. It is an application for Windows Phone.

This application asks for the height and weight, and according to a standard formula that is in the wikipedia for BMI, calculates the index for you.

You can enter the weight value in metric or imperial system. In the metric system the weight is entered in kilograms and height in meters. In the imperial system you can enter the weight in pounds and height is entered in inches. Also, in the imperial system, you can enter the weight in stones and height in feet.

Also it converts between the two systems. For example, you can enter ’10 st 3 ‘when the app is in Metric mode (kg) and converts it, or vice versa

The app also allows you to install the free app dietitian at home if you wish.


In addition, there is also the Spanish version of the app for calculating the BMI.